Terrible Tenant Tales: When the Ideal Tenant Becomes the Nightmare

October 23, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

As a landlord, there’s enough on your plate every day. From having to check on work orders to reaching out to potential renters, to being the point person for requests from current tenants, there’s so much to tend to on a daily basis. So, when it comes to dealing with unruly renters or having to […]


When Does a “Bad” Tenant Become an “Evictable” One?

October 16, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Landlords may hope to welcome only perfect tenants into their buildings and properties, but realistically this is never the case. From not paying rent on time to dealing with noise complaints, there will always be someone who can make others around them miserable, which then spills over to the landlord. But when is it right […]


What to Do When Your Tenant’s Rent is Always Late, Late, for a Very Important Date

October 9, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Landlords have a number of issues to handle on a daily basis. From moving new tenants in to handling service requests to taking care of the financials of a property, there’s so much going on on any given day. So, having to handle late rent payments, even if it’s just one tenant, can bring things […]


Aaron DiCaprio on Rent Default Insurance – Landlord Survival Show 31

September 6, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Rent Rescue’s CEO Aaron DiCaprio recently spoke about Rent Default Insurance on The Landlord Survival Show with Steve Rozenburg. Listen to the full interview below to hear what he had to say!     You can read more about Aaron and Steve here.


Aaron DiCaprio on Rent Default Insurance with Spark Rental

September 3, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

What happens when your tenants default on the rent? You have to file for eviction and lose many months of rent. Unless you get rent default insurance. Rent Rescue’s Aaron DiCaprio meets with Deni Supplee and G. Brian Davis of Spark Rental to discuss the new option of rent default insurance, and what landlords need […]


Terrible Tenant Tales: Unpaid Rent and Unclean Property

August 21, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

As a landlord, you always like to imagine a best-case scenario where all of your tenants are completely ideal. You dream of the tenant who always pays their rent on time, takes care of the property as if it were their own, communicates well with you in the event of any issues, and is always […]


What to Do When a Tenant Isn’t Paying Rent and Refuses to Vacate?

August 14, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Normally, it’s a great thing when your tenant wants to stay at your property. However, if the lease has ended or has been broken, no new lease has been signed, and, worst of all, the tenant isn’t paying any rent, you have a major problem on your hands, and it is one that will only […]


Can You Spot a Bad Tenant Early?

August 7, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Not every tenant comes to you with a neon sign flashing above their head proclaiming, “I’m the ideal tenant” or “I’m going to cause trouble for you”. Sometimes, a tenant appears perfectly professional, personable, and put-together, and only shows signs of trouble once they’re in the property. The majority of landlords have a screening process […]


Top 10 Pain Points for Landlords and How to Fix Them

August 1, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Being a landlord can be a good way to provide you with regular income as well as with the potential for capital growth. However, it can be difficult. In this post, we are going to take a look at 10 pain points for landlords and how you can fix them.


5 Popular Property Management Service Providers

August 1, 2019 - rentrescue@admin

Investing in real estate can be lucrative. With that said, success in the industry is not always guaranteed. It’s important to have professionals such as a: property manager, general contractor, property and casualty insurance agent, real estate appraiser, property inspector, real estate agent, real estate lawyer, CPA. Aside from having these professionals, there are certain […]